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Major Issues1. Dryer Outlet was bad, would not work- Apartment complex offer washer and dryer hook ups.Date Reported 10/27/15Date Fixed 11/9/2015Time between reported and repaired: 2weeks

2. Hot Water tank went up- Apartment resolution is supposed to handle according to Georgia Law 48hrs.Date Reported: 11/18/2015Date Fix: 12/1/2015Time between reported to be resolved: 13 days. Nearly 2 weeks. Tenant went without hot water 9 days. Paid somebody else to come out to teach them how to manually light it. New water heater installed on the first. New Water heater failed to work. Tenant went another 2 ½ days without hot water before new unit brought in. Date Fixed: 12/4/15

3. Under Kitchen Cabinets, Molded, rotted from water damage across entire cabinet unit.Date Reported 11/17/15Date issue addressed of Fix: Apartment logged it as fixed on 12/11/2015 ***IT HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED****Spoke to complex Again on the 1/15/16 about condition of kitchen.

4. Dishwasher will not drain and work properlyDate Reported 1/25/2016Date resolved: N/A

5. Refrigerator not working properly, keeps failing to refrigerate food, temperature flux.Date Reported: 1/25/2016 / Spoke to Kim 1/26/2016 about resolution as all food has now gone bad. Was told somebody would be up to look at it. Nobody has showed up.Date Resolved: No resolution still nor anyone to take a look. 1/28/2016- 4days still no resolution. Apartment resolution is supposed to handle according to Georgia Law 48hrs.

Minor Issues1. Bathroom Vent had black mold forming on itDate reported: 11/18/2015Date resolved: 12/11/2015

2. Fireplace had a gas burner attachment. Gas burner attachment hose was severely damage with tear and rip hose. Tenant removed after apartment had supposable had fireplace inspected for such issues.Date reported 10/23/2015Date resolved: Tenant removed issue and refuse to use gas from the unit. Was told would be re inspected.

3. Stove handle still keeps falling off, tenant showed how she got burned by it once againDate reported: Day of move in, Reported again 11/15/2016Date Resolved 12/4/2015

Issues upon move in.1. Missing Screen from Master bedroom2. Several screens bent in3. Door does not shut right have to force, damage framed4. Master Bedroom hall closet door bent and damage5. Master Bathroom Tub Paint Peeling6. Closet Door by Main door you have lift up to shut it due to alignment.7. Several face plates missing or fallen off outlets- Tenant bought new ones after 4mths of asking when would be replace.8. Several outlets in the home do not work or shock you when plug anything in. Was told old apartment nothing they can do.9. Storage Unit is filthy and mudding and debris10. Oven Handle broken- was told would get replace. Reported again in Nov.11. Cabinets shelves are broken in kitchen or missing, warped, was told old nothing can be done.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to "i want out of my lease! compensated for my losses!". This person is overall dissatisfied with Rait Residential and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about rait residential apartment management at Rait Residential was time of repair, lied to and nearly a month to get serious repairs done , but reviewer liked quiet neighborhood. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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