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I'm afraid to come outside because of snakes but management seems to care less. I'm in the process of looking for somewhere else to live.

I pay too much rent to be ignored and scared to enjoy my home. I took a pic so they could see what I have to deal with. I asked to move closer up front but was told that my rent would go up. Oh how convenient!

I never would have believed that I would get no help on his issue. Guess I need to call the news crew to come out.

Walnut Hill Apt. Memphis TN

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Maintenance people.

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Santa Clara, California, United States #1177294

So have you actually seen snakes around your apartment or anywhere else on the grounds? Because that picture of a hole in the ground doesn't mean there are snakes around.

Snakes don't always live in holes and that hole could be from anything.

Also, not all snakes are bad. If the snakes that are staying around there are venomous then yes, that is a problem.

King snakes or small grass snakes wont bother humans at all, they are more scared of humans than we are of them. They also help keep rodents and nasty bugs away.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #997790

That's a picture of a hole. If you're so effing scared just tape up your doors and windows and never.


your. house.

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